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Each gallery is a work of art. Curated to showcase your beauty, grace, inner nobility, and strength. 

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You spend thousands of hours dreaming about and then planning your wedding, that's why we offer collections that are customizable to fit your dream, which Begin at 1,500.



Your photos should remind you of your love, the feeling you get when you see her or the jolt of joy from the touch of his hand. Begin at $400.


Time flies by so fast. Babies are born, graduate, get married - and somewhere along the way you want time to stand still. Begin at $400.



I really liked that Kate knew how to pose people--like to the dot--until it's a good lookin pose. Kate was easy to work with and the whole session was amazing. Definitely recommend!! We enjoyed the ease with which the photoshoot went, even though there were lots of people and poses to capture!

“She knew how to pose people - like to the dot.”

natalie - family session

Kate was able to interact and encourage our son Joshua to stay engaged and interested during the session. He can get so shy but Kate kept him engaged and helped him to have fun in front of the camera

"Our son Joshua was not shy because of Kate's encouragement"


“We are grateful that Kate helped with the set up from beginning to end and even went out of her way to clean up the location for better picture appearance. She was considerate of our feelings and intimacy of the proposal. She made sure to give us time with no camera to enjoy the moment in privacy while still managing to catch great Shots.  She made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera.”

“Kate brought great ideas, enthusiasm and energy.”



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Noble: having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals