A fine art photographer who creates beautiful, graceful photos that dig into the persons inner confidence and strength so you can walk away feeling like nobility

 Based in Federal Way, WA. Available for travel.






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About Me | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Seattle Photographer for weddings and families

Kate, a fine art Seattle Photographer for weddings and families

I’m Kate, a Fine Art Seattle photographer who creates beautiful, graceful photos to show your inner confidence and strength. I focus on being present with each client, showcase their best angles and have fun at the process. My goal after every session is for you to feel encouraged, own who you are and walk like you are true nobility.

My favorite aspect of photography is the never ending streak of creativity. It is a beautiful avenue where I can express myself. I capture BEAUTIFUL, GRACEFUL, STRONG, and NOBLE photos because it is a depiction of who I am. And that gets me so excited.

Seattle Photographer at work

Lilac Photo Collection creative process, editing is half the fun. LOVE!

I have been a photographer for 11 years now and have focused on event photography. Taking that experience I have channeled it into weddings and families, because each is an event or moment in your life. It is exhilarating to relive special moments in our lives by looking at photos. I want to do the same for you and your family.

We are created by God to be beautiful and strong people. I love how God orchestrates each couple’s love story individually. No story is the same and there is so much beauty to that, because its true to who you are.

Ok, I hear ya. You may be asking, “From you description in first paragraph I get, beautiful and graceful, but why strong and noble?” I’m glad you asked. As individual, you have an inner strength within you that has been placed their by God.  That inner strength is shown in how you carry yourself and what you believe to be true about you. From the tilt of your chin, to the glance of the eyes, to your posture. The way you stand, they way you look at things, they way you carry yourself portrays your inner strength. We all have it, some live it out more than others. My goal is for the strength to show in your photos so that you can walk in confidence and feel like nobility.

Feeling like nobility


When you feel confident, then your photos will be just that much more epic.

Regardless of where you are in the process of life, I would love to be part of your family’s legacy. Allow me to capture your special moments and build a legacy together. Whether this be a proposal, engagement, wedding, anniversary, maternity, or even family session. Each stage of life is so beautiful and it’s my job to capture the authenticity of who you are and allow that to shine through the photos.

To create photos that are beautiful, graceful, strong, and noble while being authentic to your true self gets me so so excited…

So why not work together and make history through photographs.

Learn more about my business by visiting:

– my website here or

– contact me here.


June 12, 2023


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About Me | Seattle Wedding Photographer



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