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Spring Maternity Session | Rusnac

The months of March, April, May are the best to have a spring photoshoot because everything is in bloom. This spring maternity session shot near S. W. Seymour Conservatory was a perfect location to take our spring photos.

The area around the conservatory is very beautiful and had plenty of location for us to do our session. There was plenty of room to run around for kids or your furry friends. I found some amazing spots in the surrounding area, and because it was a overcast day I got some perfect photos.

This particular family inspires me so much. They moved to a new country and encountered many challenges. Challenges like the language barriers, learning a new culture, and a difficult pregnancy but even that just barely tips the iceberg. Yet through the challenges they still remained positive. It inspires me when people I know choose to persevere and praise Jesus through their difficult seasons. I treasure such seasons of life because God is working to help us grow and make us stronger.

That is why the photos from this spring maternity session was such an honor to take. I know they will be able to look back at their beautiful photos and remember. Remember the challenges and the joys they went through together.

That is the power of photographs, the ability to remember and treasure.

Maternity photos are one of my favorites because pregnancy is only for a short time and I love to capture this stage that women are in. The baby bump, the maternal glow (yes its a real thing), and the child being developed in the womb is a miracle worth documenting. The baby bump is soon replaced with a beautiful baby and to commemorate the miracle of pregnancy – photos are a must. It still amazes me how God orchestrated the women’s body.

I would be honored to document whatever season you are in, because despite the hardships and joys we go through, they are worth remembering for what God is teaching us through them.

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May 21, 2024


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Spring Maternity Session | Rusnac



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